How To Breed Horses In Minecraft?

How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

Hi everyone! Please, share information related to breeding horses in Minecraft. Thanks

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  1. 7 Steps To Breed Horses In Minecraft:

    1. Find two horses
    2. Tame both of those horses
    3. * If you want to learn how to tame a horse you can find this information here

    4. Build a fence to prevent them from running away.
      How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

    6. Prepare two golden apples.
    7. Breed Horses In Minecraft3
      * Golden apples will prime for mating your two horses.
      * To add a golden apple into your inventory, you need to have 8 gold ingots and 1 apple. Having these items, you can use the next combination as you see in the picture.

    8. Before using two golden apples, you need to feed red apples to each of your horses until they stop eating. You may have a question about why we do so. The answer is that you need to make sure that your horses are at full health. Otherwise, you only waste your golden apples for feeding them only rather than giving them a signal for mating.
    9. Feed one of your horses with one golden apple, then use the second golden apple to feed the second horse, and then you will see that red hearts will appear above them.
    10. You need to wait a few seconds and then you will see that a baby horse appear.

    How To Breed Horses In Minecraft1

    * If you want to breed your two horses again, you need to wait five minutes and after you can repeat these steps.

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