How To Get a Cape In Minecraft?

How To Get a Cape In Minecraft

Is there a way to receive a cape?

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  1. 3 Ways To Get a Cape In Minecraft:

    1. The first means to get a cape is to attend a MineCon event that is held once per year. This way will require you to sign up for MineCon using your Minecraft email address.
    2. When you attend Minecon event your MineCon ticket will be scanned. With the help of this process Mojang will know whether you attend the event or not and if you do then Mojang will send to your registered email address a link to your cape. The only thing is to go to your Minecraft account and add this cape to your character’s model.

    3. You can also receive a cape by getting involved in the development of Minecraft, even if the competition is huge; it is really to get it if you participated heavily enough and involved in this process.
    4. The next way is to install and donate to OptiFine. Donate $10 to OptiFine and you can choose one of their standard capes. And then you can customize your cape with the banner system.

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