How To Make a Banner In Minecraft?

How To Make a Banner In Minecraft

Folks! Who can advise me on making a banner in Minecraft? Gonna customize my shield.

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  1. 3 Steps To Make a Banner In Minecraft:

    How To Make a Banner In Minecraft

    1. Open your crafting table.
    2. Put 6 wool and 1 stick into the crafting table exactly as you see in the picture.
    3. * In the example, we put 6 white wool and 1 stick. You can’t combine wool with a different color. For instance, placing into the crafting table 2 white wool, 2 red wool and 2 lime wool you won’t receive a banner. So you need to put exactly 6 wool of the same color (only white or only red or only lime or etc.) in the crafting table to get a banner.

    4. The next thing that you need is to move the banner appeared in the right-hand box into your inventory.

    Congratulations! Now you can use your banner to customize a shield. You can learn how to make a shield here.

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