How To Make a Bed In Minecraft?

How To Make a Bed In Minecraft

Heard that by sleeping in a bed, I can set my spawn point. Can anyone tell me the steps to make a bed?

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  1. 3 Steps To Make a Bed In Minecraft:

    How To Make a Bed In Minecraft

    1. Open your crafting table.
    2. Put into your crafting table 3 red wool and 3 wood planks as you see in the picture.
    3. * You can use oak, birch, spruce, acacia, jungle or dark oak wood planks. But remember that you can use only one kind of wood planks. So it means you cannot combine several kinds of wood planks. For example, you cannot combine one oak wood plank, one birch wood plank, and one spruce wood plank. Only use one kind of wood planks. In the picture, we use three oak wood planks.

      * You can choose wool with other colors. In the picture, you see that we use red wool, but you also choose green, purple, cyan, grey, lime, and other dyes of the wool.

    4. Congratulations on making a bed. Now you can take the bed from the box which is on the right side and place into your inventory.

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