How To Make a Saddle In Minecraft?


How To Make a Saddle In MinecraftWant to ride a horse, but cannot control it. Who knows how I can make a saddle?

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  1. 3 Ways To Make a Saddle In Minecraft

    There are 3 best ways to receive a saddle and add it into your inventory.

    1.    Firstly, a saddle is a thing that you can find inside the chests in the dungeons (a dungeon is based under the ground, and it is usually with stony walls). You can find dungeons by digging the underground, or you can use ‘’Spectator Mode’’ (To make ‘’Spectator Mode’’ appear you need to type /gamemode sp in the chat window, then you can use space key to fly up or left shift to fly through the ground). Check a chest, and there is a possibility that you will find a saddle.

    How To Make a Saddle In Minecraft

    A Nether fortress is a next place where you can find a chest with a saddle inside. To reach the Nether, you need to build a Nether portal. The Nether portal is a square-shape form, which you can build using obsidian blocks. When you are in the Nether fortress, try to find a chest. In the chest, there will be a saddle or other vital things.

    Nether Portal in Minecraft

    Saddle in Nether Fortress

    2.    By trading with a leatherworker villager, you can obtain a saddle. The villager will not sell you the saddle right away and because of this you will have to follow this 3 steps. Find a leatherworker so that you can trade with. Right-click on the leatherworker will open the trading window. Spend your 3-4 emeralds first to buy the leather pants. After that close the trading window and go to step 2. The second step starts with the opening the trading window again and buying the leather tunic, which will take you additional 8-12 emeralds. After this purchase you need to close the trading window again, to move to the 3rd step. For the 3rd step, open the trading window, and you will see that a saddle will be presented by leatherworker for 9-10 emeralds. Congratulations, you got it. 

    Trading for a saddle with a villager

    3.    Fishing is another way to get a saddle. You can fish a saddle using a fishing rod. The fishing rod can be created by 3 sticks and 2 strings.

    How To Make a Fishing Rod In Minecraft

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