How To Tame a Horse In Minecraft?

How To Tame a Horse In Minecraft

Guys, I’m fed up of running around, taking too much time. Does anybody knows how to tame a horse?

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  1. Tame a horse

    5 Steps To Tame a Horse

    1.  Find a horse.

    2.  Before approach the horse make sure that your hand is empty. So it means nothing should be selected in your hotbar, because you will tame the horse with your hand only.

    3.  Mount the horse. The horse will buck you off, but keep mounting until it will be tamed. You will know exactly when the horse is tamed by red hearts near and above its head.

    4.  Then go to your inventory and move the saddle to the saddle box to control and ride the horse.

    5.  Now you can see that the horse wore the saddle. To dismount the you can use shift key.

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