How To Tame a Parrot?

How To Tame a Parrot

Hey guys who knows how I can tame a parrot?

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    3 Steps To Tame a Parrot

    How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft

    1.  Find a parrot.
    2.  Give the parrot one of the following kind of seeds such as melon seeds, seeds, pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds from the inventory interface.
    3.  Keep feeding process until you will see red hearts above the parrot, when these red hearts disappear it means that the taming is successfully done and the parrot can sit on your shoulder.

    Additional Information

    • Parrots on a player’s shoulder will be presented in the player’s inventory.
    • A parrot can imitate the trivial sounds of mobs, either neutral or hostile.
    • Not only people dance in Minecraft, but also parrots. A parrot can dance when it’s near a jukebox. It’s really funny, but parrots can also dance on a player’s shoulder. The main condition for this is that the jukebox should contain a music disc inside it.
    • If you are going to feed a parrot with a cookie, it will lead to the parrot’s death.
    • Parrots can get tired, and they prefer to land.


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