How To Teleport In Minecraft?

How To Teleport In Minecraft?

Hello! Who knows how to teleport in Minecraft?

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  1. 3 Steps To Teleport In Minecraft:

    1. Open the Chart Window.
    2. * You can open it by pressing the “T” key.

    3. Type the command /tp Username X Y Z
    4. For example:
      /tp AskMinecraft 5 78.500 -117.00000
      /tp David 1.10000 56.7 32.60

      How To Teleport In Minecraft

      * Instead of Username you need to type your Username, and change X,Y and Z into values.
      * X-value will shift you to the East or the West about your entered number; Z-value will shift you to the North or the South about your entered number and Y-value is the height above the bedrock. If you put the “-” (dash) sign, it will mean the exact amount of blocks downward the bedrock and consequently, without a dash sign will mean upward.

    5. After you need to type the command press “Enter” key.
    6. * You can also be teleported to your friend or another player by typing the command
      /tp YourUsername Friend’sUsername (For example /tp AskMinecraftcom Richard)

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